Beyonce and her team have been battling a company that it claims is trying to infringe on the trademark of her popular clothing line, Ivy Park.

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The Blast reports that a company called 47/72 Inc. applied for a trademark for "Poison Ivy Park" on April 14, 2016, the same day that Bey's Ivy Park brand hit the market. Her team was quick to pounce -- or at least attempted to.

Almost immediately, Bey's team filed an opposition to the application. Citing court documents, the Blast said the legal Beyhive claimed the name was too similar to Ivy Park and that it could damage the brand. Poison Ivy Park, though, said they are entirely different because of the word "poison."

Bey's team has been trying to push the case forward, but alleges that 47/72 is deliberately stalling. According to the report, 47/72's CEO contacted Bey's squad and said he couldn't respond quickly because he was battling depression. The argument from Bey's side was that depression doesn't prevent people from reading or writing, and it also questioned the authenticity of the CEO's medical condition.


This is actually familiar ground for 47/72. The Blast reports that it has applied for a trademark for "99 Problems," the name of one of JAY-Z's biggest songs. In the past, the company has also unsuccessfully tried to get trademarks to "Let It Go," a dead ringer for the insanely popular Disney song, and "Swiftie," the nickname for Taylor Swift's fans.