If you decide to get in the car with Carey Mulligan, enter at your own risk!

While speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on Nov. 7, the actress revealed that she has failed her driving test five times.

"It's way harder in England! Over there I failed. Here, it's easy. I did it here—it was a piece of cake," she said. "You literally drive around the block and they give you a license."

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Her United States driver's license doesn't transfer to England, where she lives.

Still, despite her driving failures, Carey said, "I'm an excellent driver."

"I don't think you are," Jimmy quickly countered. "Maybe average, but even then, I don't think so."

Carey said she's just not good at tests, and that's the reason for her driving issues.

"It's a pressure thing. I am an excellent driver," she said. "Then I get in a test environment, someone has a clipboard, and my mind explodes. I cannot do anything and I make mistakes."

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The actress was on Jimmy's show promoting "Mudbound," but her driving record was of huge interest to Jimmy. She recounted her multiple driving failures.

"Test No. 1, I'm 23. I'm filming this film called 'Never Let Me Go', and the director is adamant that I have to drive a car. It has to be a manual car—no question. I'm like, 'Oh, that's hard. Can I not do [automatic]?'" she said. "'No, it has to be a manual car, and you have five days to learn.' I do my five-day intensive thing. I get to the end of the five days and I take the test, and I fail within 90 seconds of leaving the test center. I'm going up the hill, and I mess up the thing, and I stall and I start rolling back down the hill, and there's a Range Rover behind me. The instructor freaks out and does the emergency brakes. I went, 'OK, well that's done.' Then I get on set and they have an automatic car! I'm like, 'Buddy!' So, that was a wash."

Then, she tried to get her license again, but with similar results.

"Years later, I'm pregnant with my first child. I get quite far into the pregnancy and I think, 'Oh, God, I must learn to drive now because I'm going to be a mother. This is irresponsible,'" she said. "I'm nine months pregnant, I book my test—and I fail. Then I book another, 10 days before I give birth, and I fail that as well."

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Fast forward another two years and Carey is pregnant again.

"I think, 'I have two children; I should really get a driver's license.' So, I wait until I'm nine months pregnant and I take one test and I fail. And then it's my fifth test. My husband [Marcus Mumford] comes to the test center. He's got the bottle of champagne and he's ready, and it's the saddest thing he's ever seen," she said. "I hoist myself out of the car, crying, with this huge bump and my little sheet with this red cross on it. He sort of slowly puts the champagne away."

The last time she took the test she was convinced she passed.

"All of them I knew [I failed], except the last one, where I really thought I'd nailed it. That was even worse. Like, if you know, it's fine. But I was like, 'This is it,'" she said. "And it wasn't."