Miranda Lambert's new NYPD officer husband, Brendan McLoughlin, doesn't just, as she said in her surprise wedding announcement, "[love] me for.... me." It turns out he also loves her music and country music in general.

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TMZ reports that the Staten Island, New York, native has been "pining to meet her for years" and even told his friends that, TMZ writes, "one of his goals was to meet Miranda." According to TMZ, "he always had the hots for Miranda and was waiting for his chance."

He sure got it!

Multiple outlets have reported that Miranda, 35, and Brendan, 27, met in New York City, where he -- at least until news of their secret Jan. 26 Tennessee wedding was made public -- worked a beat in and around Times Square. Conveniently, Miranda performed in that area on Nov. 2 with her band the Pistol Annies both in concert and at the "Good Morning America" Times Square studios.

But Brendan also likes the music of Miranda's ex-husband, Blake Shelton -- and met Blake before he met Miranda, TMZ reports, adding that Brendan has also been introduced to Florida Georgia Line and other country music stars.

His job as an NYPD officer often put him in close proximity to celebrities because he's worked at MTV as well as the artist's entrance at "GMA," according to TMZ.

Actress and "Busy Tonight" host Busy Philipps shared that she knew exactly who Brendan was as soon as she heard the wedding news. Busy took to social media to reveal that she's called him the "hot cop" for more than a year now and would see him whenever she visited the "GMA" studios. Busy even shared a photo she took of him at work back in 2017!

"This is the hot cop that Miranda Lambert married. (I have this in my photos OBVI)," Busy captioned a screenshot of a photo from her camera roll showing Brendan smiling in uniform, which she shared on her Instagram Story.

Busy also wondered if "GMA" is what brought the newlyweds together. "Here's my question: did Miranda Lambert meet the hot cop doing 'GMA' … outside of 'GMA'?" she wondered elsewhere on her Instagram Story, noting, "I've only seen him there … multiple times."

Turns out she was right!