The scorned estranged wife of Miranda Lambert's boyfriend, Evan Felker, is alleging that the county singer won't stop calling her phone.

Staci Felker says Evan won't stop calling her phone either.

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On Aug. 1, Staci posted a picture of her phone call log to her Instagram Story. The images shows that she was called three times by a number from Idaho, which she says is Evan's number. It also shows that she was called seven times by an "unknown caller," which she hints is Miranda using a shielded identity.

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"FYI, if you're crazy and crazy famous, this is how your number comes up," Staci wrote along with a screenshot of her call long. "Wife's number doesn't change. Seems problematic. 10 times in one night #insecure #rightfully so."

She then shared a video of a cracking fire with the words, "The Idaho number is my husband." She then added, "The other number is the person who is tired of him calling home."


Miranda and Evan were photographed holding hands last month in New York City, but neither has commented publicly on the relationship. The couple reportedly began dating in February, having met while his band served as an opening act on her Livin' Like Hippies tour. When they began dating, though, Miranda was still in a relationship with Anderson East. Evan had yet to file for divorce from Staci, which he has since done.

Last month, Staci also claimed that Evan "ghosted" her while she was in the hospital.

"I'm ultimately gonna be fine physically. Thanks for all your questions. I'll answer some more when I feel better, but right now- I want to talk about real men," she wrote on Instagram. "Aside from the ghosting and just very real #psychologicalwarfare and torture that happened earlier this year.

"A man that I perfected homemade chicken soup for when he was sick, cared for him through soooo many sweating miserable days coming off benders decided to come calling when I was happy last week. Too happy. Riding and then at the beach with my girls. How dare I smile after all he did to try to break me?

"I took those calls, because that's what a wife does. I'm still his wife. I've done everything to be a good one because deep down I thought it might change things," she wrote. "Less than a week later, I was sent to the hospital and couldn't reach him. That's not a real man. That's not a country boy and certainly no cowboy. Not a husband I'll ever take back because I was scared and he was gone. Again."