Goodbye makeup, hello au naturel! Adele did something this week that she rarely ever does: She was willingly photographed without makeup.

The songstress with the golden voice shared several makeup free images to her Instagram page on Wednesday night, showing that she's beautiful whether she's got makeup on or not.

Typically we see the singer at the very least in her signature winged eyeliner, but she eschewed even that for the two pictures.

In one black and white image posted to Instagram, Adele casually sits in a chair looking off into the distance. A glass of white wine sits in front of her on a table and a dog rests nearby. The makeup-less photo shows her wearing leopard-print shoes and an embroidered, sheer dress.

Vancouver, BC

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"Vancouver, CA," she simply captioned the image.

Moments later, she shared another image, this one less idyllic as it's backstage at Vancouver's Rogers Arena, where she performed on July 20 and is set to perform again on July 21.

There, Adele rocked not a stitch of makeup again. This time, Adele's strawberry hair is done up, looking imperfectly perfect. She points to her long-sleeved button-up shirt that bears the words Canucks Security." (The Vancouver Canucks hockey team plays in the Rogers Arena.)

"Vancouver, CA / Rogers Center / July 20," she captioned the image.

Vancouver, BC / Rogers Arena / Jul 20

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The singer is well into her North American tour and things seem to be going well, as she often shares black and white pictures from her shows to her social media accounts.

St. Paul, MN / Xcel Energy Center / Jul 6

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Last month in Europe, things didn't go as smoothly, but it was hilarious.

During a performance during the Glastonbury Festival performance in England on June 25, she accidentally burped in a woman's face while they posed for a selfie!

The lovable Adele didn't try to hide from the hiccup. "Oh my God, I just burped!" she said, and started laughing -- you know, her trademark cackle.

Before continuing her set, she explained the reason for her belch to the crowd: "I had a dirty burger before I came on," she said. "That's why."