Girlie / Fame Pictures 1 / 7
Girlie / Fame Pictures 1 / 7

By Michelle Lanz, with reporting by Paris Hampton

Denise Richards has had a drama-filled last few years, but it looks like Charlie Sheen's ex is doing pretty well for herself sitting front and center at New York Fashion Week. Wonderwall caught up with Ms. Richards at the Style 360 Rikki Gudnitz Show on Sunday, where she dodged questions about Charlie and talked about her daughters' unique fashion senses and how she protects her family from tabloid headlines.

Wonderwall: What brings you out to this show today?

Denise Richards: It's nice to see real couture dresses, and I'm excited to see them. I love all the sparkle. It's very feminine and girly. I can't wait to see her collection.

WW: What fall trends are you excited about?

DR: I love leopard. I wear it even when it's not a fall trend, so I'm excited that it is, cause there's plenty of it!

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WW: Your daughters are really into fashion. What is it like to dress them?

DR: They dress themselves! I let them wear what they want to wear, even if it might not match (laughs). They still wear it.

WW: And they're raiding your closet?

DR: They are! They love clothes and they love to go shopping, but they're very opinionated. Saleswomen try to sell them different things and they'll say, "No, I don't like it." So they definitely know what they want and they have an eye for fashion already.

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WW: In the public eye with your reality show, how do you protect them?

DR: Well, I have boundaries. When they were on my show they were only shown a very little. And you can't help that there's paparazzi everywhere.

WW: This was a tough year for you personally. How did you protect them from that?

DR: I don't let them see the news and stuff that may come up, um, with that.

WW: How is Charlie as a dad with them? Is he getting well?

DR: You know, I'm here to talk about fashion.

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WW: Ok, absolutely. What do you think of the celeb lines like Gwen Stefani, the Kardashians?

DR: I think it's great! I think it's wonderful. It's another area to be creative and branch out.

WW: Do you watch "Jersey Shore" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians?"

DR: I don't really have a whole lot of time lately to watch TV. I TiVo a lot of it. I love the scripted shows. "Entourage." "Modern Family" is my favorite show. "Glee" and I love "Top Chef."

WW: What are your VMA pics?

DR: I love Lady Gaga, I love Rihanna. I love their music. Their songs are really good. Katy Perry is one of my favorites. I love all her videos. They're so colorful and yummy!

WW: Any parties you're really excited about going to? Anyone you're excited to meet at Fashion Week?

DR: Betsey Johnson. I don't know who is here! I'm always excited to meet new people.

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WW: What inspires your personal style?

DR: It depends where I'm at. When I'm with this kids it's obviously very different than when I go to an event. When I'm with the girls, it's all about comfort.

WW: Do you have a favorite supermodel past or present?

DR: I've always loved Paulina Porizkova. She was my favorite when I was a teenager.

WW: What would your advice be to someone who's going to go on a reality show?

DR: Have fun! Don't take it seriously. With a reality show, you can't ask for better advertising. Whether you're coming out with a product or a book, the medium with reality is huge.