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By Kat Giantis

From the moment she wakes up in the morning until her head hits the pillow at night, LeAnn Rimes rarely stops tweeting about her life: what she ate, where she went, how wrong everyone is to judge her.

But would she go so far as to tweet news of a marriage proposal from boyfriend Eddie Cibrian?

The country singer sparked engagement speculation on Halloween after she retweeted a bended-knee photo posted by the dimpled actor.

"I couldn't resist ...," Eddie wrote under a photo that showed him kneeling in front of a surprised-looking LeAnn.

But signs aplenty made this question-popping seem suspect, including a big one in the background reading "White Chapel Asylum" crisscrossed with the word "Lunatics."

So, are LeAnn and Eddie, who ditched spouses Dean Sheremet and Brandi Glanville, respectively, to be together, embracing the institution of marriage, with the emphasis on institution?

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Not just yet.

In a series of follow-up tweets, Rimes explained that she and Cibrian were simply joking around by making a "practice run."

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"They've Bern [sic] saying we're engaged for a while now," she explained, "so we thought we'd have a little fun!

Besides, LeAnn points out, "Eddie is WAY more romantic than to [propose] to me in front of a 'lunatic' sign. Just thought it was too funny not to share a little 'TRICK!!' we're happy as can be and had the best Halloween!"

She also responded to a follower who predicts a non-Twitter-shared proposal in her future and wonders about her choice of ring.

"Um, yeah it will be private!" declares Rimes, adding (pointedly to Cibrian's jeweler), "I like cushion or Asher [sic] cuts. I'm into antique cuts."

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And even though the couple started the engagement whispers, the singer shakes her head at the rumor-mongering media as she simultaneously pats herself on the back.

"Honestly, I'm so proud of Eddie and me for knowing who we are, knowing the strength of our relationship and laughing [at] all the silliness in the press," she says. "The things they can make up are hysterical."

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