Stewart Cook / Rex USA 1 / 7
Stewart Cook / Rex USA 1 / 7

By Gena Oppenheim with reporting by Heather Newgen

Drew Barrymore has a good amount of mommy experience under her belt from raising her adorable daughter Olive. But the "Never Been Kissed" actress, who's currently expecting her second child, revealed that it doesn't necessarily get easier the second time around. She recently spoke to Wonderwall about the not-so-great difference between her first and second pregnancy.

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"They're terribly different," she explained at a Safe Kids Day event. "The first time you're scared because you don't know what's happening. The second time is hard because you're tired because you have a toddler."

Though motherhood may not always be a walk in the park, she added: "It's all so worth it and important."

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Now that Drew's adding a second baby to her brood with Will Kopelman -- while also acting and running her cosmetics line dubbed Flower Beauty -- we have to wonder: How does she possibly balance it all?

"I don't work as much," the California native revealed. "I know I'm prolific and I take on a lot of diverse different projects, but I spend a lot of time with my kids. I think that's the most important thing."

But when the going gets a bit rough, she's happy to take parenting tips from anyone to help her stay afloat.

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"It's all different weird tips about like never take your eyes off your kid when they're in the bathtub or sleep training advice -- all these things I've picked up along the way," Drew said. "I love learning all of it."

And her 1-year-old Olive's doing some learning of her own, too … Learning how to conquer the stairs, that is!

The proud mom gushed: "Stairs are a big thing. We're in constant stair training. I want her to conquer stairs early."