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Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies who searched Justin Bieber's home Tuesday for evidence linking the pop star to an alleged egging of his neighbor's house discovered cocaine on the premises and arrested an adult -- other than Bieber -- for a felony narcotics violation.

Lt. David Thompson told a press conference after the raid that the narcotics arrest was unrelated to the investigation of the egging incident that was reported by a neighbor last week.

Thompson declined to immediately identify the arrested adult. Bieber, 19, was detained along with seven other people while police executed the search warrant Tuesday morning. TMZ reports that the man photographed in handcuffs outside Bieber's home is rapper Lil Za, known to be a member of Bieber's entourage.

Thompson said among evidence being sought by detectives in the investigation of the alleged egging was any existing security surveillance footage that might aid them with the probe.

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He also revealed that the reason the investigation was bumped up to felony vandalism is because of the amount of damage reported from the incident, which was estimated by the homeowner to be around $20,000.


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