Fern / Splash News 1 / 12
Fern / Splash News 1 / 12

Note to Los Angeles drivers: If you ever get into a fender-bender with a celebrity, keep your fingers crossed that he or she will be as polite as Kim Kardashian. The reality starlet reportedly collided with another vehicle in Beverly Hills on Tuesday but handled the incident with total courtesy.

According to TMZ, Kim was driving in her tank-like Mercedes G Wagon when she tried to make a left at an intersection. A car traveling in the opposite direction had its right turn signal on but instead went straight.

The vehicles crashed and each sustained minor damage. Thankfully, neither party was injured (it doesn't appear little North was riding with her mom).

At that point, Kardashian and the other driver drove over to the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel, where they exchanged information and hugged goodbye.

X17Online adds the future Mrs. Kanye West also apologized to the driver and offered to pay for all damages.

No tickets were issued.


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