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It's good to know that George Lopez isn't completely pigheaded. The late night talk show host has issued a mea culpa for taking a body potshot at Kirstie Alley following her debut this week on "Dancing With the Stars."

Seems he's reconsidered the comedic value in comparing the veteran actress to a pig.

"I misjudged the joke," he contritely tweeted on Thursday. "No malice was intended and I apologize to Kirstie."

Of course, some might feel he misjudged the use of the word "joke."

"She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away," Lopez cracked on his TBS show this week while rolling a clip of Kirstie's surprisingly deft performance with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. "Before the show, she went to the market, and then she had roast beef and this is her going all the way home …"

He cut to a clip of a GEICO commercial featuring a piglet squealing "wheeeee!"

We'll give you a second to let the groans subside. OK, moving on …

Kirstie, who lost 60 pounds before shaking her groove thing on "DWTS," decided to join Lopez on the low road via her own Twitter, first by referring to him as a "drunk pig" and later by upgrading him to inebriated wolf status.

"Don't worry about George's comments," she tweeted. "Just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk woolf …falls in a boiling pot of vodka. Piggy laughs."

Alley is also laughing over Lopez's apology attempts. On Friday morning, she flung his contrition back at him -- and tossed in a zinger about his 2010 split from wife Ann, who donated a kidney to him in 2005.

"I don't need or want ur apology...I want your kidney dude," ranted Kirstie. "On behalf of ur X and all the women uv insulted...give it back."

What's your take on George's apology and Kirstie's response? Tell us in the comments.

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