Mattel / Promotional 1 / 10
Mattel / Promotional 1 / 10

By Jennifer Odell

If you're one of the many "Mad Men" fans who's just dying to grab hold of uber-office manager Joan's arm and help her bust down Roger Sterling's office door to demand more money and more respect, you're in luck!

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Well, sort of. You'll have to use the plastic versions of Joan and her former lover/boss, Roger.

When season 4 of the hit AMC show returns this July, Mattel will introduce a line of Barbie and Ken dolls styled after four of the show's main characters: Roger (John Slattery), Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his wife Betty (January Jones), PopEater reports.

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Unfortunately for the plastic versions of our favorite "Mad Men" and women, they'll arrive just a few months too late to help the fantastically plastic original Barbie celebrate her 51st birthday, which fell on March 9.