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Two weeks ago, Megan Fox told reporters, "I'm currently what you would call single, I guess." That seemed like great news for fantasizing "Transformers" fanboys and really bad news for her capricious longtime love, Brian Austin Green.

But despite the thoroughly quotable starlet's supposed solo status, she's still spending quality time with her former fiancé.

On Sunday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal spotted Fox, 23, and Green, 35, grabbing a bite to eat at Sin City eatery Dos Caminos before heading off to see Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere" at Treasure Island.

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This was the latest outing for the lightbulb couple, who were also snapped strolling in Los Angeles last Tuesday, one day after Megan joined her "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" co-star, Shia LaBeouf, for a post-premiere dinner a deux.

Not surprisingly, that laughter-filled meal has revved up the rumor mill, which was already buzzing with talk of their apparent closeness while crisscrossing the globe to promote the box-office-busting flick.

The New York Daily News claims they also looked cozy while dining side-by-side with 10 other people, including director Oliver Stone, at Nobu in Manhattan last Thursday.

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"They definitely seemed into each other," recalls a spy, who says LaBeouf made his exit immediately after Fox.

But just a few hours earlier, the likeable actor denied the hookup whispers during a sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel, who asked why he's not dating her.

His response: "I'm an idiot, Jimmy." He then pooh-poohed, "I think she's in a relationship."

Still, another eyewitness says LaBeouf made sure to keep the tongue-waggling starlet in his sights during a soiree in L.A. a few days earlier.

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"Shia couldn't keep his eyes off of Megan," maintains the onlooker. "He literally watched her like a hawk all night."

But not every guy on the planet is eager to get up close and personal with Fox, at least according to a dubious report from the National Enquirer, which alleges her "ego is bruised" after she got the cold shoulder from Korean megastar Rain, whom she recently confessed to having the hots for.

"But he hasn't called, e-mailed or even responded to Megan's pushy advances," says a snitch. "He totally rejected her ... It's a tough pill for Megan to swallow that she's getting blown off by a guy most Americans have never heard of."

The word you're looking for here: Riiiiight.

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