(Inset) Amazon.com / Jordan Strauss / WireImage 1 / 15
(Inset) Amazon.com / Jordan Strauss / WireImage 1 / 15

Barbra Streisand gifted Lea Michele with her own collectible doll after learning the young Glee star is her biggest fan.

Michele, who grew up admiring the veteran hit-maker, spotted a rare Barbra Streisand doll on a TV show and grew obsessed with tracking down the item.

And when The Way We Were singer heard of the young star's quest via Twitter.com, she shipped her the collectible as a gift.

Michele recalls, "I was watching Hoarders and this man had a crazy collection of dolls and among all these dolls I saw a Barbra Streisand doll. So I tweeted, I was like, 'I gotta get that doll. Where is this man and how can I get this doll?' And she tweeted me back, 'Forget the guy, I'll send you the doll.' I died.

"Everything has been a dream ever since. She sent it to me, I have it at home, it's amazing. I'm a huge Barbra fan so it meant the world to me."