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Nicole Richie pulled an April Fool's prank on fiance Joel Madden and pal Kim Kardashian by hacking into their Twitter accounts and posting a string of naughty messages on Thursday, including tweets to Dolly Parton, Sharon Osbourne, Paula Abdul and Ashley Tisdale.

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Richie ensured she would leave her lover red-faced, by telling Osbourne she was "yummy," asking Abdul if Madden could "smell her armpits," and tweeting Parton to see if she had any "milk in those jugs."

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Later, Richie also aimed her mischievous side at Kardashian, tweeting on the reality star's blog, "Sometimes I think I'm a lesbian because HOT DAMN Nicole Richie is fine."

Richie later revealed herself as the culprit by uploading a picture of herself grinning on the top of their Twitter pages.

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