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A collective "yay!" went up this week when it was announced that Sandra Bullock's divorce from Jesse James was officially a done deal, a dissolution that took only three months from when the first adultery accusations surfaced. But even though the pair is now legally unbound, their connection apparently isn't permanently severed.

"It's not like they're talking every day, but they're in touch about things," an insider explains to People magazine. "It really seems like it's about the kids more than anything."

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As you know, James is planning a move to Bullock's home base in Austin with offspring Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6, a decision he reportedly made after getting the OK from his A-list ex-wife, who will reportedly continue to co-parent his brood.

"He has a goal," says a buddy of the two-timing motorcycle mogul, who is rumored to be hoping for a reconciliation. "He wants his life back, he wants some sense of normalcy and his family back."

While we hesitate to think too much about what Jesse considers a sense of normalcy (does it involve a boink-fest with a tattoo-covered, Nazi gear-wearing stripper on a coffin-shaped sofa in his office?), the split was seemingly set to warp speed for good reason.

According to the mag, now that the divorce is wrapped up (both waived alimony and agreed to a confidential property settlement agreement), the goodwill-surrounded Oscar winner can move forward with finalizing her adoption of 6-month-old son Louis as a single parent.

Sandra and Jesse began the adoption process four years ago, and they quietly brought the chubby-cheeked tot home in January. But the actress decided to complete the adoption solo after the marriage crumbled in March, a week after she won her Academy Award, when the first of several alleged mistresses began popping up like so many skanky, ink-stained jack-in-the-boxes.

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Her intentions were made clear in the official divorce papers (filed in Texas and obtained by Radar), which state, "There is no child of the marriage."

For now, Sandra is said to be "chilling out" in Austin and in Louis' hometown of New Orleans, where her Garden District mansion has unfortunately become a hot tourist destination, with crowds forming outside the gate and tour buses stopping in front.

Meanwhile, now that Bullock is "chilling" as a legally single gal, is it time for her to test the waters of the dating pool? And with whom? Maybe ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling? Or Keanu Reeves? Or even the cuddly Nathan Fillion, who recently tweeted in her direction, "I am currently single, and terribly loyal. When you're ready..."

Tell us your choices in the comments.

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