Eleven bachelors remain as "The Bachelorette" and her guys begin an around-the-world trip in New York City.

"Traveling with someone is how you get to know everything," declares Ali Fedotowsy, who gets ready for her stay in the Big Apple with a makeover from InStyle fashion director Hal Rubinstein.

When the first date card is read, 27-year-old account executive Kasey from Clovis, Calif. is the winner of the solo date. The couple hops on a helicopter for a romantic picnic, where Kasey serenades Ali, who he says is "everything I want in a woman." Then they head to the Natural History Museum for a night-time exploration by flashlight.

But Kasey 's behavior leaves Ali with doubts and she decides not to give him a rose: "Kasey has over and over told me he is going to guard my heart, but I have trouble believing anything he is saying is real," she says. "It all sounds like lines. I am not getting realness."

Even though "The Bachelorette doesn't give Kasey a rose, she asks him not to leave.

"It hurts," admits Kasey. "I wanted to fall in love with Ali and I wanted her to fall in love with me."

Next up, Craig R., Frank, Jesse, Jonathan, Kirk, Roberto, and Ty head to Times Square for their date with Ali. The seven guys are put through their paces as they try to dance and sing their way into a role in the Lion King -- and Ali's heart.

Roberto may not have had the best voice or the best dance steps, but he had the smoothest moves. Instead of singing to the piano player like all the other guys, he turned and sang the song to Ali, which landed him the solo portion of the date.

The other guys watch as a shirtless Roberto gets to wrap Ali in his arms as they are suspended on wires during their rehearsal for that night's production of the Lion King.

"I am 100 percent certain that there is no one else I could have done this with," Ali says.

Meanwhile, as Jonathan, the weatherman, watches the performance backstage, he declares, "A beehive of knives in your face … jealous."

At the after-party, Ali reassures Frank she is still crazy about him and asks him to keep his head in the game.

"Every time I start questioning everything, she brings me back to where we were the first night," Frank says. "The look in her eye was all I needed to feel reassured."

Ali was not feeling well, so Kirk walked her back to her room after she announced that she would not be handing out a rose that night.

Next, Chris L. gets a birthday present: a solo date with Ali. But when the time comes for their date, Ali wakes up even more sick than she was the night before.

"This is a real situation. This is probably the realest glimpse of husband material," says Chris, who brings soup and flowers to her room.

Chris uses his time with Ali to his advantage by revealing the story of how he moved home to take care of his mother when she was ill.

Toward the evening, Ali is feeling better so she takes Chris out for a posh seafood dinner, after which they call his father.

"I would love to marry into a family like that," says Ali, after hearing the caring birthday conversation between father and son.

And Chris says that it feels as if Ali is his girlfriend now and all the other guys should go home.

Meanwhile, Kasey splits from the hotel room and heads to a tattoo parlor, where he gets a shield with a heart tattooed on his wrist as a way of proving that he meant it when he said he would protect Ali's heart. Will it work, or will it creep her out?

Before Kasey shows Ali his tattoo, Justin, the wrestler, challenges Kasey as to why he has a bandage on his wrist. So, Kasey shows the guys the tattoo, and Frank and Ty both feel he is "crazy." Before he could show the heart tattoo to Ali, it was time for the rose ceremony.

Ali gives roses to Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N., Roberto, Justin, Ty, and Kasey, while Jonathan and Jesse were sent home.

"The Bachelorette" continues the search for love next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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