Slumdog Millionaire child star Azharuddin Ismail, 10, finally has a place to call home.

Saturday was moving day for the young Oscar-winning star and his family, who received the apartment last month through the Jai Ho Trust, set up by filmmakers Danny Boyle and Christian Colson. The family, who has already moved in pots and pans, a television set, and their birdcage, plan to be fully moved in by Tuesday.

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Located in Santa Cruz West, a suburb north of the Mumbai slum Ismail previously lived in, the ground-floor dwelling -- purchased by the producers for $42,000 -- is situated in a modern apartment complex with running water and electricity. Ismail will take control of the deed when he turns 18.

"I like it here, it is really nice. But I will miss my old friends..." the actor told Reuters. "Maybe I will go and visit them once a while."

In May, Ismail's old home was demolished in the middle of the night after city authorities deemed it illegal.

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The Slumdog Millionaire filmmakers were moved to create the Jai Ho Trust after learning of the harsh living conditions Ismail and his costar, Rubina Ali, faced in their native Mumbai. So far, $742,000 has been set aside to set up a five-year healthcare and education program for the children.

Slumdog Millionaire, the 2008 breakout hit about a slum dweller who hits it big on a TV game show, took home eight Oscars last year and has grossed more than $140 million domestically to date.