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They're cuter than a basket of fluffy puppies and more wholesome than Shirley Temple drinking a big glass of milk, and now Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are just one G-rated PDA moment away from being officially branded with their very own couple-centric nickname (Tay-Tay seems particularly popular, although we prefer the less cornball Taylor Squared).

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On Wednesday night, the same-named sweetie-pies stepped out in complementary black and gray ensembles to browse a Los Angeles boutique and tuck into the meaty offerings at a Beverly Hills steakhouse.

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As they exited the eatery, the buffed-up "Twilight" up-and-comer, 17, chivalrously held the door for the chart-topper, 19. Then, amid an explosion of flashbulbs (be sure to click through the photos at left documenting their date-like night), they climbed into an Audi sports car (starting price: $114,000) and zoomed off with Lautner behind the wheel.

(Here's hoping the vehicle is a promotional loaner and not an indication that the teen is blowing his "Twilight" paycheck.)

The paparazzi-captured outing follows their together-time on Sunday, when they took in a hockey game (contrary to reports, the evening did not end with a hotel sleepover), and dinner on Monday with Swift's mom.

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"The three of them sat together in the main dining room," a restaurant staffer tells Radar Online of the parent-chaperoned meal. "He seemed a little nervous at first but the young lady kept smiling at him and soon he appeared to relax."

During the bread-breaking, "They smiled a lot and kept looking at each other, but they weren't holding hands," continues the spy, who high-jumps to conclusions by adding, "They definitely looked like a couple in love, though."

The romance rumblings come at a particularly opportune time for the pair, who co-star in the forthcoming rom-com "Valentine's Day": Lautner is about to begin a publicity blitz for "New Moon," while tickets for Swift's upcoming tour just went on sale.

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"He's an amazing guy and we're really close … and ah … yep," Swift coyly sidestepped during a chat this week with CMT Radio. She was equally cagey when quizzed by Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, downplaying their hockey date by saying, "I really like hockey a lot and it turns out so does he."

Something else they both like: Selena Gomez, who was linked to the actor earlier this year and is pals with Swift.

Seems there's no ill will between the singer and the Disney starlet over the apparent boyfriend recycling, which they proved by grabbing dinner and frozen yogurt together on Tuesday night (nothing says "we're still BFFs" quite like fro-yo).

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