No question about it: Chubby Checker isn't too keen on sharing his famous moniker. Especially when the entity that shares his iconic stage name is a smart phone app that "enables women to estimate the size of a man's penis based on his shoe size."

The 71-year-old music legend has officially filed a lawsuit against both Hewlett-Packard and Palm after the two companies refused to acknowledge his 2012 cease and desist letter to stop using his name on the racy app.

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Checker, real name Ernest Evans, is arguing that the two companies, who have offered the app for a long time, are violating his trademark on the name "Chubby Checker," and is seeking monetary compensation for damage to his reputation in addition to a complete shut down of the app.

According to "The Chubby Checker" description, the app is geared toward any "ladies out there … seeing someone new and wondering what the size of their member is."

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Checker is best known for popularizing the twist dance style after his 1960 cover of Hank Ballard's R&B hit "The Twist."

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