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Dax Shepard has no complaints about being a first-time father -- even with all the early-morning wake-ups and constant diaper duty.

"I absolutely love it," he says of being a dad to 4-month-old daughter Lincoln with fiancée Kristen Bell. "It's every cliché I've ever heard."

Dax likens becoming a father to another magical moment in his life. "It's like when I was in seventh grade and fell in love for the first time," he told reporters after a panel promoting NBC's "Parenthood" at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Saturday, July 27. "It's debilitating. Like, I almost can't function, and that's available 24/7, if I want -- which is amazing."

Also amazing? He swears he isn't sleep-deprived." It can be scheduled. You can take turns," insists the actor, 38. "If you're logical about your approach, there's a way for everyone to get some sleep, and we just knew that we had to be that way."

If he sounds like an old pro, he is -- sort of. "There's no real surprise. I was older when my little sister was born, so I had done this before," Dax adds. "I had changed a couple thousand diapers already, a couple million times. So I wasn't too afraid of it -- and it's been nothing but wonderful."

Next up for Dax and Kristen, 33: a wedding. But with a newborn at home, Kristen filming the "Veronica Mars" movie, and Dax back on the "Parenthood" set, he says they're hoping to keep things low-key. "We're getting married, for sure," he says. "But … I'm sure it will be a quick something."


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