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Screech apparently wasn't invited to Bayside High.

When most of Dustin Diamond's "Saved By The Bell" co-stars gathered for a nostalgia-filled reunion/skit on "The Tonight Show" in early February, his absence was thought to be related to a recent arrest. Apparently that wasn't the case.

Turns out, he actually wasn't invited, he said.

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"It would have been fun," Dustin told Fox6 News, "but I don't see it as a personal insult."

Since saying goodbye to Bayside High School in 1993, Dustin hasn't always had the nicest things to say about his former castmates. His 2009 book, "Behind The Bell," claimed that the cast and crew slept around with each other and dabbled in drugs -- hardly the squeaky clean image that had been portrayed on screen. A Lifetime movie was later made, based off of the book.

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Lark Voorhies, who played the fashionable Lisa Turtle, was also not featured in the reunion, saying she was too busy to attend.

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At the time, it was believed that Dustin was not there because of his role in an alleged bar stabbing on Christmas. The bar fight was just another speed bump since retiring as Samuel "Screech" Powers.

"Here's the way I look at it. I walk a very honest and humble path, and I know what kind of person I am. I'm very comfortable where I fit in life," he said. "I want to have a family. I want to have kids and I want to raise them right. I'm playing comedy clubs. I'm not rich, but I make a living. I've tripped and fallen many times in my life. If you don't, how do you learn?"

Friends forever? Apparently not.