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George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis had a good, long run (for him, at least), but that hasn't prevented their breakup after two years of togetherness from getting dissected like a murder victim on "CSI."

First up is the London Daily Mail, which claims the Oscar-winning, two-time Sexiest Man Alive pulled the plug last week following an argument at his Lake Como villa over the Italian model's recent knot-tying- and fairy tale-mentioning sit-down with Chi magazine.

"The conversation turned to the interview she had given and about marriage, and George was having nothing of it," alleges a source. "The atmosphere was pretty red-hot and the language was pretty fiery. It was a very fierce row, and she then just stormed out of the house and went to Milan."

Maintains another spy, "Elisabetta is a traditional girl and wanted the fairy tale. But George has never made a secret of his feelings, and he wanted things to continue as they were."

According to Us, trouble was already brewing months ago, when the pair celebrated New Year's with a south-of-the-border sojourn.

"She drove him nuts," says an insider, who claims the trip was marred by their "nonstop bickering over little things. ... He would only hang out with his friends, and more or less left her to herself and her friends."

Clooney, 50, has been "creating distance" from Canalis, 32, for several months, supposedly by blaming his busy work schedule.

Echoes a mole to E! Online, "He's been trying to figure out how to get out of this for a while. And let's face it, this always happens ..."

The source posits that the A-lister handed Canalis her walking papers so he could enjoy an entanglement-free summer with pals at his Lake Como estate.

Another snitch pipes in that Elisabetta was "unsure of herself" around Clooney's famous friends: "She was always shy. And you know what? She didn't speak great English. To tell you the truth, I don't think George's Italian is that great, either!"

Of course, armchair matchmakers are already busy trying to find Clooney's next honey, with the romance novel-preferring folks aiming high by choosing Sandra Bullock, his co-star in the upcoming "Gravity."

Earlier this month, George was photographed pointing his iPhone at Sandra's ridiculously cute tot, Louis, on the London set of the film. Louis, as usual, just gave the camera his adorable stink-eye.

Who would you pick for Clooney? (And no, "Me! Me! Me!" is not an acceptable answer.) Tell us in the comments.


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