Justin Bieber / Instagram 1 / 18
Justin Bieber / Instagram 1 / 18

Two things that often get a bad rap -- social media and Justin Bieber -- came together on Monday in a most touching way. In response to an online campaign to persuade him to visit a sick Canadian fan, the 18-year-old popster popped by an Edmonton hospital for a confab with 17-year-old Crystal Montgomery, who is suffering from bone cancer.

It all started when Crystal's pals issued pleas on Facebook and Twitter for the Biebs to swing by and meet her while he was in town to perform at a sold-out concert.

"It would mean the world to Crystal if you stopped even five minutes to see her, since she is too sick to leave the hospital and attend the concert like her and I had originally planned," wrote her friend Joana Antunes.

"My fans are amazing. They made me aware of something. I'm gonna make good on it. #giveback," Bieber tweeted on Monday. "Now off to do something that matters."

A few hours later, Justin posted a picture showing him posing with Montgomery in her hospital room. For those cynical types who feel the urge to mutter, "PR-savvy photo op," try to remember that the face time went a long way toward lifting the teen's spirits.

"He's amazing. He's an inspiration," Crystal gushed to the Toronto Sun. "To see him be such a megastar so willing to help people, and he's just such a great person. He's an inspiration to everyone."

Responded Bieber, "Thanks to the fans for always pointing me on the right path."


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