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Now that Simon Cowell has reportedly winged to St. Tropez to escape the salacious saga that is his impending daddyhood, he may be hoping to quiet the whole scandal down as quickly as possible. TMZ says he's "pressuring" stork-awaiting Lauren Silverman to settle her increasingly messy divorce with real estate developer (and onetime friend of Simon's) Andrew Silverman.

Seems the furry-moobed "X Factor" dream crusher is "upset" about being dragged into the couple's split drama and believes the publicity is "making him look like an underhanded cad" (then again, if the publicity fits ...). He's supposedly explained to Lauren that she won't get much moolah from Andrew due to a prenup, so her best bet, money-wise, is Cowell.

Complicating matters are custody issues surrounding the Silvermans' 7-year-old son, with Lauren "nervous" that "she may have to give too much in order to end things and appease Simon."

Meanwhile, because nothing is private when serious cash is on the line, sources tell the New York Post how the pregnancy happened (beyond the Biology 101 explanation).

"She and Simon were not using protection because doctors said she couldn't get pregnant," says an insider, adding that Lauren's parents "are delighted she is pregnant with Simon's child, partly because there's a baby on the way, but more that the father is a wealthy celebrity who will take care of her. The only fear is that because of her history of miscarriages that she might lose the child and end up with nothing."

(And the award for most mercenary comment of the week goes to …)

The Post's spies also shot down reports that Cowell dumped Silverman six weeks ago, before he knew about the pregnancy. Instead, she's supposedly been telling friends in New York that they are "together, and I want him to marry me."

As for the timing of Simon's vacation, that's open to interpretation.

"He is running away from the whole situation," harrumphs one insider. But another insists it makes perfect sense: "There is not much Simon can do at the moment. He can't be with Lauren while she is still sorting out her divorce."


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