Roshan Perera / Splash News 1 / 18
Roshan Perera / Splash News 1 / 18

Oh, goodie, this is just what the fickle, dysfunction-fueled relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown needs: baby rumors. Stork speculation ramped up this week when RiRi canceled two dates on her Diamonds world tour, and was photographed holding her stomach as she exited a Beverly Hills medical building (see pic below).

The concert no-shows follow another pair of cancellations last month due to a reported throat infection. But TMZ notes that "because the info coming from Rihanna's camp has been sketchy, there have been a slew of tabloid stories speculating that she's pregnant."

But a source close to the 25-year-old popster tells Gossip Cop that there is definitely not a bun in her oven.

In an Instagram post, Rihanna explained that she's been sick since her April 11 show in San Diego, and unwisely headed on to her scheduled performance in Las Vegas on April 12.

"I thought two days off after the Vegas show would be enough time to recover and I [bleeped] up," she said. "I'm sad and disappointed about it!"

Something tells us that partying into the wee hours, smoking suspicious substances and then crashing in designer footwear following an "epic night" out aren't helping her health.

Still, as she exited the doctor's office on Tuesday, lollipop in mouth, RiRi assured waiting paparazzi that she's feeling better.


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