Shape Magazine / James Macari / . 1 / 12
Shape Magazine / James Macari / . 1 / 12

Talk about a body bounce back! After Ciara welcomed son Future in May 2014, she was determined to get back to her pre-baby weight.

And, boy, did she ever!

The songstress said she dropped 60 pounds in just four months after adhering to a strict diet and a fitness regimen that saw her going to the gym several times a day.

"When I was pregnant with Future, one thing I learned quickly was, don't ever let a pregnant lady be hungry, because when I was, I was like the Tasmanian Devil!" she said in the September issue of Shape. "But as soon as the doctor said I could start training again, I was on the treadmill the very next day."

Soon, she was working on her fitness is different ways, especially after retaining the services of popular celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who helped her shed the baby weight.

"Five days a week, Gunnar puts me through an hour-long plyometric cardio circuit that always includes boxing elements," she said. "It's hitting your muscles; it's a cardiovascular workout; and it's a mental exercise… After I've done a few rounds, I feel as if I can conquer the world."

And that was just the beginning. She was actually doing three workouts a day!

"I would go to Gunnar first for my one-hour training session, then I'd have two more cardio sessions later in the day," she said. "That, along with a really clean eating plan, was how I lost 60 pounds in four months."

She told the magazine that she ate five to eight nutrient-rich meals, but vowed to not go overboard with her diet.

"When I'm on a strict eating regimen, at some point I have to have french fries, a cheese burger and some pizza. And Oreos and vanilla ice cream!" she said. She said she drinks "tons of water, too."

To hold herself accountable, she wrote down her goals. "I truly believe that if you put your goals in writing, speak them out loud, and work for them, they will happen," she said.

Now back to her fighting weight, so to speak, she could probably give her boyfriend Russell Wilson a run for his money in the athletic department now.

"What I've learned is that the difference between being good and being great is the effort you put in," Ciara says. "You can't just wake up in the morning and be a winner; you have to work for it."