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Jenelle Evans is having a "ruff"post-Fourth of July. The "Teen Mom 2" star is catching flack after posting a video of her dog playing a lit firework.

The reality star, though, isn't about to apologize for the incident, even saying they do the same thing on "America's Funniest Home Videos."

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Jenelle told TMZ that she never let her dog play fetch with the blazing firework, contrary to what people on the Internet are alleging. However, in the video, which she took down, it sounds like she's encouraging her dog, Jax, to play with the small explosive.

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Jax, she said, kept going near the fireworks on his own. The dog is fine, she said, and was never in danger. She even said she would even pull the same stunt again because it was innocent.

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"I'm sorry people are offended," she told TMZ. "Anything I do is going to be such a big deal to everyone else because I'm on TV… People have been trying to attack me for years."