Jenna Wolfe used to pride herself on her healthy eating habits, but now that she's pregnant and expecting her first child with girlfriend Stephanie Gosk, her diet has taken an unexpected detour. In a new blog post on the TODAY show website, the NBC correspondent confesses that despite her best efforts, she's gone a little carb-crazy since finding out about her baby-to-be.

"All these people are coming up to me complimenting what they think are my near-perfect fitness and nutritional habits, commending me on how healthy my baby is going to be because of how active I'm staying and how well I'm eating during this pregnancy," she writes. "Yeah, well, that's not exactly happening." 

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Wolfe, 39, says that while she used to subsist on yogurt, fruit, nuts, eggs, veggies, grains, and lean protein, now all she wants is pasta, pasta, and more pasta. She'll also eat cold cereal, bagels, pickles, and dessert, but salads are out -- unless there are croutons. (In which case she'll skip the lettuce and just eat those.)

"While my intentions are salad-related, my appetite is all CRAVE," she explains. "Even now, pushing six months pregnant (five and a half to be all mathematical about it), I can't seem to get back on my nutritional track." 

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Speaking of math, the TODAY show weekend anchor can't seem to get a handle on it lately. "There was a time, not too long ago, when I had no trouble whatsoever dividing numbers by four," she writes. "But now that I live in a world where everything seems to revolve around the number of weeks in a month, I seem to be dumber than a 5th grader."

"Lately I've been carrying around a calculator and I start punching in numbers every time someone talks to me in weeks. When did THAT start, and when, pray tell, does that end?" she continues. "Should I be telling people that I'll be turning 480 months old next year?"

Wolfe also expresses confusion regarding baby registries, which she says are more difficult than the SATs or her AP finals in high school. "Granted, today I've got the attention span of a carrot, but still, this baby stuff isn't easy," she says, joking about "baby monitors which connect via Wi-Fi to NASA" and "breast pumps intricate enough to irrigate canals in third world countries."

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"Bottom line, I'm sure I'll figure it all out as I move along this pregnancy path," she continues. "Heck, my mom used cloth diapers on me (gross) with safety pins (SAFETY PINS!!) and I managed to find my way to the TODAY show. My friend's mom drank beer and ate pretzels throughout the entire pregnancy and SHE got into Cornell! My other friend's mom had her chew on a pencil while she was teething and she's now a doctor!" 

"As for the other stuff...all the self-proclaimed nutrition and fitness failings, I'm sure I'll right my ship when I need to," she concludes. "That being said, my baby had better get into Cornell, become a doctor AND get on TODAY."

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