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Stuart Ramson / Invision/AP 1 / 7

By Melissa Hunter, Reporting by Robbie Sokolowsky

Kelly Osbourne took time out of her Fashion Week-ing to talk with us Patricia Field's Paradise Garage Collection Show about style, diets and Alexander McQueen. The reality star, who's been in the spotlight since she was a wee celeb-u-tot, has revamped her look ever since she hit the stage with "Dancing with the Stars."

Wearing a see-through chiffon dress, national TV will do that to a girl, Kelly was not only a spectator at Fashion Week but a participator as well. She walked the runway in both the Betsey Johnson (seen to the left, looking fab) show and Naomi Campbell's event, Fashion for Relief Haiti.

Wonderwall: Lets talk about your figure for a second, you look stunning, whats your secret?

Kelly Osbourne: Well, I'm doing a low-glycemic index diet, because it cuts out all the sugar and junk, although I do cheat all the time. I find that if I obey the main rules of it and cheat a little bit, I look and feel so much better. I don't get those sugar crashes or get that feeling after you eat where you feel like s---. I don't get that any more, but I also do the bar method training.

WW: Are you fashion show hopping? What are most excited to see?

KO: I'm going to lots but, probably [am most excited for] Philip Lim, Betsey Johnson, Alice & Olivia and G-Star. At any fashion show, I get to go to, I have fun... [you] get your hair and make up done and go. What else could any girl ask for? It's, like, the funnest thing in the world!"

WW: How did you handle the news of Alexander McQueen's death?

KO: He was a friend of mine. I'll be honest, it was the most devastating news [that day]. It's one of those things that makes you not want to get out of bed and do anything. So devastating.

WW: How did you feel about this work?

KO: He is my favorite designer, when it comes to his clothes, I think if I had to pick one designer that I could pick to wear for the rest of my life, it would be McQueen. His clothes fit me so well and they say something and they make you feel so confident. Its just sad.

WW: On a lighter note, you have probably heard that the cast of "Jersey Shore" is hobbling all over fashion week, how do you feel about them attending the shows?

KO: I mean, when you think about it and whether you like it or not, they represent what this country really is. Why not? Live it up while they can; go see the shows. I mean, who are they really hurting? No one. All they do is remind people of who they really are.

WW: Who's your favorite cast member?

KO: Snooki!

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