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Another Kardashian is stripping down for a magazine, but this time it's Kourtney Kardashian who is baring her assets … and her belly!

The pregnant "Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons" star posed for a series of provocative photos for DuJour that left little to the imagination.

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The soon-to-be mommy of three proudly shows off her body in multiple images, but perhaps the most revealing photo features Kourtney in a soaking wet, see-through white dress. Her breasts can easily be seen through the thin, wet fabric. In another shot, she is wearing nothing but a featured bib.

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"I had done a nude shoot when I was pregnant with Mason, really last minute just for myself, and I love it," she told DuJour.

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The eldest Kardashian clearly loves being pregnant, even going so far as to say that she probably wouldn't do a nude shoot unless she was bearing child.

"I would never say never, but I don't think so, no. What appeals to me is celebrating the shape of my body being pregnant and capturing that time in my life," she said. "It's a wonderful thing to be able to show my children these photographs one day and say, 'This was you inside.'"

"To me, nudity is not something to be ashamed of," she added. "I'm not embarrassed of my body. I'm at my best when I'm pregnant. It's such an amazing feeling, the transformation that your body goes through. There's something about that that's so empowering and beautiful, and I just really embrace it."