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Lamar Odom is making huge progress in the fight for his life, and multiple outlets are reporting that he is out of his coma and communicating.

E! News is reporting that the former NBA star has woken up in his Las Vegas hospital bed, his home for the past three days after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel 70 miles away.

The report states that Lamar opened his eyes and saw his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian, said "Hey, baby," and gave a thumbs up. He then went back to sleep.

ABC News reported that Lamar saw Khloe and said, "Good morning."

Us Weekly hinted that Lamar is making miraculous strides. "Lamar is doing well and opened his eyes this morning," an insider said. "He grabbed the doctor's hand and his first word was 'Hello.'"

The source said that once he started breathing, the medical team asked him if he wanted to see Khloe, who had left the room while doctors were removing his ventilator. "It is really a miracle. His heart is working and everything," the source said, adding that doctors are still unclear exactly what caused Lamar to go into a coma. "He was not brain dead," the insider claims. "The truth is, doctors are still figuring out a lot right now."

The news that Lamar is communicating even slightly is a tremendous step for someone who doctors said had a 50 percent chance of making it.

According to ESPN, he no longer has a breathing tube, but he is wearing a breathing mask and remains in critical condition. Khloe has remained by his side throughout the entire ordeal as a steady stream of family has traveled to Las Vegas to also be by his side.

If Lamar does indeed pull out of this it's still unknown if he will be able to lead a normal life, as several of his organs were reportedly failing. Doctors had indicated to his family that because he likely suffered multiple strokes, he could have severe physical and mental impairment.

On Oct. 15, ESPN indicated that Lamar was showing some small signs of improvement, but quoted a source who said that he was "not out of the woods yet."