Lena Dunham is setting the record straight on reports that she didn't vote in 2012. Not only did the Girls star vote -- she went to great lengths to do the deed, she explains.

"Hey kids, some people on the internet are saying I didn't vote. Some of them are still mad I used a sexy metaphor re: voting. Read on," she tweeted Thursday, Feb. 7.

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Why do people even care whether or not Dunham voted? The 26-year-old creator of HBO's hit series Girls starred in a talked-about PSA in which she joked about her "first time . . . voting" for President Barack Obama. "It's also super uncool to be out and about and someone asks, 'Did you vote?' and you go, 'No, I wasn't ready,'" Dunham said in the pro-Obama campaign.

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Well, despite the reports, Dunham wasn't uncool.

"I did vote," Dunham tweeted Thursday, but she did encounter a few problems. "I tried to get an absentee ballot but, because our nation's voting system is a steampunk cornmaze, it didn't arrive."

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"So not to be a martyr about it but I flew to New York to vote," she explained, but did not specify where she was at the time. "I wasn't sure if my change of address had officially been registered so . . . I went to my old polling place with my dad, where they let me vote by affidavit (what was totally allowed.)" 

"Obviously I voted for Romney," she added as a joke. "I hope everyone has a nice day."

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