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Despite their inauspicious beginning, which was revealed exactly one year ago by Us Weekly's "Caught in an Affair" cover story, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are still going strong.

And what better way to mark the anniversary of their outing as a couple than with a lovey-dovey south-of-the-border vacation?

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People magazine reports the pair hopped a private jet to Mexico last weekend for some rest and relaxation at a high-end resort. But it wasn't all sand, surf and umbrella drinks a deux.

Also along on the trip were the actor's two sons, Jake, 2, and Mason, 6, with estranged wife Brandi Glanville.

"LeAnn looked great with the boys and played with them in the sand," a suspiciously enthusiastic spy tells the mag, which adds that a pal occasionally kept an eye on the tykes so Rimes and Cibrian could get in some one-on-one time. "It seemed to be a happy weekend for all of them."

Conveniently enough, paparazzi were on hand to capture some of the more memorable moments, including a bikini-clad LeAnn straddling a shirtless Cibrian and bending over to help the tots build a sand castle.

The family-oriented trip, which just happened to come a few days ahead of the premiere of Eddie's feel-good Hallmark channel movie, "Healing Hands," probably didn't sit all that well with Glanville, who back in October groused about Rimes "invading" her space.

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"She wants my life," she railed to Us. "She wants my kids. She wants my husband. She can have most of everything but just not my children or my family."

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