Say cheese! Sandra Bullock's 3-year-old son, Louis, had no problem hamming it up for the cameras on Friday, June 28 -- flashing an adorable smile while on a museum date with his mom.

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Wearing sneakers, plaid shorts, a printed T-shirt, and a backwards hat, Louis held hands with his actress mom, who kept her look casual, sporting flip flops, a long black skirt and a black tank top. Wearing orange sunglasses, The Heat star held a water bottle and a blue and green backpack. 

PHOTOS: Sandra's adorable son Louis

The 48-year-old actress, who plays an uptight FBI agent opposite Melissa McCarthy in her new film, seemed to be happy spending one-on-one time with Louis, as they arrived at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles together.  

Indeed, a source tells Us Weekly that Bullock "really adores him." "She's a great mom," the insider adds.

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Bullock adopted Louis, who was born in New Orleans, in January 2012.

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