Sharon Osbourne may have tweeted that she wasn't returning to America's Got Talent for its next season, but that doesn't mean the reality TV judge is done with NBC's hit series -- yet.

"I mean, I never know what I'm doing tomorrow let alone today," Osbourne, 59, told Us Weekly at a TCA press event Tuesday in Los Angeles, clarifying that her July 26 tweet directed at fellow judge Howard Stern was aimed at clearing up false reports Stern had reiterated on his radio show about Osbourne's contract negotiations.

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"I just didn't like the fact that it got out that it was because of money. It's not because of money," Osbourne continued of her negotiations for season 8. "They've asked Howard back, they haven't asked me back. So, who knows in this business?"

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As AGT's longest-serving judge, Osbourne -- who currently sits on the panel alongside shock jock Stern, 58, and Howie Mandel, 56 -- admits she isn't entirely sure if she'd return for a seventh season.

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"Six years is a long time to be on any show. I love the show. It is actually personally my favorite show on TV," the judge said. "I love what the show does, I love the people I work with. But I would have to think about me, I have to think about what I want to do. I don't know [if I'd return]."

As her AGT future remains to be seen, Osbourne jokes that she'd consider taking on a role at American Idol in order to work with Mariah Carey. "Yes, I am going to be [there] carrying Mariah's train on her dress!" she said in jest.

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