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Following an appearance at ESPN Magazine's NEXT Pre-Super Bowl bash with DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan reportedly caused quite the scene at a Tampa Bay airport when she was informed that there was no more room for her to fly First Class.

According to Fox News, Lohan threw a huge hissy fit when Delta Airlines explained that her flight back from the Super Bowl was heavily overbooked, and the only seat available for her was back in economy class with the poors. (Ewww!)

Lohan's fellow passengers at Tampa's International Airport reported disbelief, humiliation, and foot-stomping from the starlet, who was incredulous about being treated as anything less than the special little snowflake she knows she is. The diva behavior apparently sparked laughter amongst the crowd (who you KNOW were texting, snapping phone pics, and updating their Facebook statuses about the fiasco as fast as their fingers could type).

Lindsay was then overheard at the gate telling a friend, "You'd better come and visit me back there in case I die."

So true. How could a starlet of her stature possibly be expected to live through a flight in economy class? Everyone in Hollywood knows that flying coach means risking a disease-infested cabin filled with regular people.

Fortunately a seat somehow opened up for Lindsay in First Class, but if had not, who knows whether she'd even be alive today.