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When Rosie O' Donnell hurriedly left "The View" earlier this year, many believed that it was due to the stress of her divorce and her health condition. Turns out, that wasn't it at all.

She really left because of problems involving her daughter Chelsea, who lived with her at the time.

"She said it was for personal family issues, the reason was Chelsea," a source told the New York Post.

Chelsea's problems were apparently not new news to Rosie.

"Chelsea had been going to a special school. But she refused to go back and wanted to stay home and go to school here," the source said. "Rosie had to make a decision."

Now, mother and daughter don't speak. Just after she turned 18, Chelsea left Rosie's New York home to live with her biological mother. After that, she began blasting Rosie, saying she isn't the nice person that people perceive her to be. When Chelsea was 17, she left home with the family's therapy dog.

"She told me to leave and take my dog," and, "I wouldn't say I'm mentally ill . . . Putting out there that I am mentally ill was really hurtful," Chelsea said of Rosie. She called Rosie "phony."

This week during a Manhattan stand-up gig, Rosie addressed her estranged daughter, saying, "My daughter has been in the news... but [Chelsea's problems are] not news to the family. It's been a decade long."

This latest story comes as the talk show host amicably settled her bitter divorce with ex-wife Michelle Rounds. The two agreed to "joint legal custody" of their adopted 2-year-old daughter, Dakota.

"There's peace in the Middle East," Rosie joked to reporters after a court date on Oct. 21. "It's done. We've settled. We're both very happy about the outcome."