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It seems that Patrick Schwarzenegger is firmly out of the Miley Cyrus doghouse. Well done, sir!

A week after they were spotted at dinner together, the couple was again together, this time at lunch, and they were apparently all smiles.

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TMZ reported that the couple arrived together at Los Angeles' Hugo's restaurant. They stayed about 45 minutes and Patrick was in "full-on boyfriend mode," i.e.. opening doors, etc.

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The lunch date comes after Patrick was spotted on spring break in Mexico getting a little too close for comfort with several girls, including, apparently, an ex-girlfriend. Patrick said he didn't do anything to violate Miley's trust, nor would he ever. Miley was apparently "super bummed" about the whole situation, but she didn't take a wrecking ball to the relationship.

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Maybe this was Patrick's one get-out-of-jail-free card...