Note to media: If you want Duchess Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle to open her mouth, you better open your checkbook.

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Ever since Meghan became a darling of the news media due to her relationship-turned-marriage to Prince Harry, Samantha has been thorn in her sister's side, slamming Meghan to just about any media outlet that will listen.

The Blast obtained a copy of an email exchange between Samantha and The Domenick Nati Show from July 19 in which the scorned sister demands $1,500 to speak, adding that her "minimum is much higher."

It's been well documented that Samantha and Meg haven't spoken in over a decade, and their father, also no stranger to a paid TV interview, even confirmed that the women never had a relationship. Still, that hasn't stopped Samantha from sharing her opinions about the Duchess of Sussex.

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In the new email exchange, Sam said she would do the interview with The Domenick Nati Show for the money, but also with an understanding that the verbal exchange would be pleasant.

"I would only do it if I'm not being set up by a shock jock who wants to be rude and slam the phone down," she said, before adding that she worked in radio and is good with "comebacks." In fact, she claimed her comebacks are so good that they could potentially "embarrass the host" if Domenick tried anything fishy.

In the end, The Blast reported that the show decided against the pay-for-play interview with Samantha.