Stacey Dash is claiming that the recent martial spat with her husband — one that included her getting arrested — was "blown out of proportion" by the media.

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The "Clueless" actress-turned-political-pundit released a short statement via her rep in which she said her arrest was a "formality," noting that domestic violence charges were dropped.

Stacey was arrested on Sept. 29 at her home in Florida following an argument with her husband of 18 months, Jeffrey Marty. When police arrived at the home, they noticed scratches on his left arm. A police spokesman from Pasco County confirmed that Stacey was booked into jail following a "verbal argument."

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In a 911 call, Stacey claimed to be the victim, alleging that her husband and his children conspired to get her arrested and that Jeffrey coached them to answer the police's questions a certain way. He can be heard in the background of the call saying, "I can't believe you did this." The family can be heard arguing while the dispatcher pleads with Stacey to "stop engaging with them." She also alleged on the 911 call that Jeffrey faked his minor injuries.

In her new statement, she said the "events of the evening were misrepresented," without going into detail.

In a tweet, she added, "Like normal married couples my husband and I had a marital dispute that escalated. Thank you for your support and love. Please give him th same."

After it was formally announced that Stacey would not be charged in the matter, her husband, whom she married 10 days after meeting, praised the Pasco County state attorney for making "the right call by declining to file charges against my wife."

"She was arrested over my objection at the time, but due to the pending investigation, I waited to comment until now," he tweeted. "We both look forward to getting this behind us."