@giulianarancic / Instagram 1 / 12
@giulianarancic / Instagram 1 / 12

Looking good, mama! Giuliana Rancic is showing off some skin in a new bikini shot on Instagram.

The E! News host is currently on vacation in Mexico with her husband, Bill Rancic, and 2-year-son, Duke. There's no denying it, the vacation looks like paradise.

"On top of the world," Giuliana wrote on Instagram in a photo of herself standing on the ledge of the pool while looking out at the clear water of the Pacific Ocean.

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Giuliana has been criticized for her weight over the last several months, but she appears healthy in her itty bitty bikini.

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The vacation snaps weren't all about her, though. Giuliana also posted an array of fun shots, including one of her husband playing with Duke and another of her two men in a pool staring out at the ocean.

"I can do this (forever) all week," Giuliana wrote. "#paradise #beyondperfect #nofilterneeded."

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And if that wasn't enough of a cuteness overload, she posted an adorable picture of her smiling son, seeming on cloud nine with the week's activities. She captioned it, "Swim. Eat. Nap. Play. Laugh. Repeat. #MrVacation."