RB / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 6
RB / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 6

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville managed to put their well-documented differences aside for an afternoon in order to let a preschooler enjoy some birthday fun.

The respective future and former Mrs. Eddie Cibrians plastered on smiles last Friday as they joined the actor to celebrate the big 0-4 of Eddie and Brandi's youngest son, Jake, at a Chuck E. Cheese's in Los Angeles.

LeAnn, perhaps unfamiliar with how to dress for a day of pizza, arcade games and various animatronic amusements, teetered around on mile-high heels and leg-showcasing short-shorts, while Brandi, hobbling on crutches thanks to a cast on her leg, wore a bust-accentuating pink maxi-dress.

The reason we know their ensemble selection: Photos of the trio playing nice (and with their phones) at the party quickly surfaced, a development that didn't sit well with Glanville.

"Just saw Jake's entire bday party documented on-line!" she tweeted to LeAnn, whose 2009 hookup with Eddie torpedoed both their marriages. "Oh well at least Jake had fun, we all got along and it was a great day!!"

Brandi then pointedly added, "Obviously next kids party we do at a private home and say no cameras! Jake had fun and that's all that matters! I'm happy if he is happy!"

Rimes, who seems to tweet every breath she takes from the moment she wakes up until her head hits the pillow, pleaded ignorance to the picture leak, responding with exasperation, "What? How did that happen? Nice, people w/ camera phones these days. Nothing is private anymore."

Glanville also took issue with how the birthday has been reported, insisting that just because she's trying to get along with LeAnn for the kids' sake is no reason to make a big deal.

"Also I wish people would stop making Jake's Bday about 'us,'" said Brandi, despite complaining about being snapped munching on pizza while seated next to LeAnn. "We were all grown ups & everyone got along fine! end of story. Have a gr8 day!"

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