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Turgeon / Rocke / Splash News 1 / 16

Break out your protective eyewear and stock up on brain bleach, because it looks like Lindsay Lohan will indeed be butt-nekkid in the pages of Playboy.

Despite rumors that the former actress turned recidivist cautionary tale would stay semi-clothed for Hugh Hefner's men's mag, TMZ reports she will "bare all" for her forthcoming spread.

And by "all," that seems to mean displaying body parts usually checked during an annual visit to her lady doctor.

But don't worry: TMZ says LiLo made sure the photos would be "tastefully done," and her mom-ager, Dina, assures X17, "The photo shoot went well."

As moms typically do.

Lindsay, 25, who's rumored to be pocketing nearly a million bucks for doffing her duds, reportedly wrapped a four-day shoot at the Playboy Mansion on Tuesday.

And she still managed to show up 20 minutes early for morgue duty on Wednesday, despite a run-in with a garage door the night before as she entered her Los Angeles home after some hang-time at the Chateau Marmont.

"Lindsay was in such a good mood when she left the hotel. She's rarely laughing and singing like that in the car, and she was talking to someone on her cell phone, really excited," a source tells X17. "When she got home and tried to run into the garage and got hit in the head, she didn't even stop her phone call. She kept talking like it was no big deal, and she was flat on the ground!"

According to Lohan's rep, she simply lost her balance while trying to navigate through the army of camped-out paparazzi.

"She's extremely careful, tolerant and patient in dealing with this nonstop attention that she gets," her spokesman tells Wonderwall. "And she tries to take it slow and get through it, even though at times it gets very difficult."

For now, her rep won't confirm the Playboy shoot.


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