Carlos Osorio / Invision/AP 1 / 4
Carlos Osorio / Invision/AP 1 / 4

By Radar Staff

The world's been holding its breath for today's main event: Wacky actor Charlie Sheen and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg are releasing their song, "Winning!"

The project, hatched with former Korn axman Rob Patterson, came to fruition during Sheen's recently ended standup tour.

The voice of the former Two And A Half Men star is actually heard on the recording, but you wouldn't know it's him. I'm told by a production insider that Sheen is the electronically-altered voice that keeps repeating his favorite word, winning, in arpeggio.

Former "Baywatch" babe Carmen Electra, Patterson's fiancée, talks on the opening riffs: "Oh, good evening Mr. Sheen," the sultry goddess says, "are you winning?"

More lyrics? "You know who I am, I'm intergalactic, no prophylactic, raw, uncut . . . Winning is all we know, winning is all we do . . ."

The song is being released in two version. In addition to one on a rap beat, there's another with a rock'n'roll arrangement as well as a version for sporting events.

"Well, one team always has to win," said Chris Arvan, mixer of the "arena version," "so we edited the song specifically for that purpose."

I'm told Sheen's people have reached out to Miami Heat officials in the hope that the tune would be played by the basketball team during the current NBA playoffs.

Last week Patterson, who toured with Sheen, told Radar how the song came to be: "It was a collaboration of ideas. Charlie and I wanted to put some music in for the show and came up with an idea of maybe getting somebody to rap. He came up with some names and Snoop Dogg was at the top of the list."

The song, which includes a number of four-letter words, is available for download on iTunes for $0.99. Some of the proceeds are going to the victims of last week's tornados in the South.


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