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No longer thick as thieves?

Sisters and former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" co-stars Caroline and Dina Manzo are no longer speaking -- and they have Teresa Giudice to thank.

On Sunday's reunion show, all eyes will indeed be on Giudice, 39, who has officially been iced out by her co-stars, onetime pal Caroline Manzo; Jacqueline Laurita, Giudice's cousin; Kathy Wakile and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

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"Teresa is a wolf in sheep's clothing," Caroline Manzo, 50, tells Us Weekly of Giudice, who slammed her former friend in her "Fabulicious!" cookbook, calling her "as Italian as the Olive Garden," and insulting her son, Christopher.

After spending much of Season 3 of "Housewives'" attempting to mend Giudice's longtime rift with her sister-in-law, Manzo realized Giudice had no intention of making nice. "It was all a charade," Manzo tells Us. "And we were all pawns in her horrible game."

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As a result, Manzo says, she behaved badly toward the Gorga family, without getting to know them first. When she got to know them and become friendly, Giudice flipped. "[A friendship] was not what Teresa wanted," she tells Us. "I welcomed the bad guys, so I became the bad guy."

"When it served her purpose, she was my friend," Manzo reasons of Giudice on Sunday's reunion.

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And Giudice's behavior hasn't just affected Manzo's relationship with the Gorgas. On Part 1 of the reunion, she reveals that her bond with her sister Dina, a Giudice ally, has officially broken down and that the pair no longer speak.

"[Teresa] is hurting people to bring herself up," Manzo fumes to Us, adding that she sees little chance of a reconciliation. "We all make mistakes and can be cruel and heartless in the things we say and do, but [Teresa's behavior] is different -- premeditated. To sit there and try to hurt someone … assault their character, it's unacceptable. I'm done."


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