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In Nancy O'Dell's exclusive interview with Tameka Raymond, the ex-wife of superstar Usher discusses the public's perception of her as a gold digger and opens up about the recent, tragic loss of her son.

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"I think I'm still in shock," Tameka says of the accident that took the life of her 11-year-old son Kyle, who was struck in the head by a personal watercraft, and of her bitter custody battle with Usher. "I think this will probably be the greatest pain I will ever experience, losing him. But it gave me strength beyond measure and it made me determined to fight for my other [children]."

When asked by Nancy why she is speaking out now, Tameka says she is responding to Usher's recent candid interview with Oprah Winfrey, saying, "You know I wouldn't even be speaking if ... you know, my ex hadn't spoke out first. I kind of just felt like it was time to clear a few things up. I have been very guarded and protected."

A former fashion stylist and now multiple business owner who worked with Jay-Z, Patti LaBelle, Lauryn Hill and Chris Brown before meeting Usher, Tameka also responds to accusations of being a gold digger, saying, "You know, I think this is the typical stereotype. If a woman who has lesser means -- even if she is successful and hard-working, does her thing in her own right -- marries someone, what they call 'marrying up,' who has more money, they're automatically a gold digger. … The woman is always the gold digger. … It's kind of an insult to the men because it implies they're not loveable."

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