Evan Agostini / Invision/AP 1 / 8
Evan Agostini / Invision/AP 1 / 8

Calm down everyone, the world's most beloved teen heartthrob has not joined the great wolfpack in the sky. It appears that Taylor Lautner is just the latest celebrity to be hit with an Internet death hoax.

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"I am almost 100-percent positive this is a hoax," a rep for "Twilight" production company Summit Entertainment told E! News.

You'd think the company responsible for the uber-popular "Twilight" movies would know whether their prize possession was dead or alive, right? Rest assured that Taylor and his abs are alive and well.

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Besides, Taylor is much too busy to kick the bucket. Not only does he have the final two "Twilight" films to finish, Taylor's also got hosting duties at this year's Golden Globes and a role opposite fellow death hoax alum Tom Cruise in the upcoming film "Northern Lights."

Taylor isn't the only notable person to be targeted by a death prank in the past year. He shares the honor of being faux-killed with "Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer, Matt Damon, Miley Cyrus, and, of course, Tom Cruise.

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So how did Taylor not really die? Pranksters say the self-proclaimed drug-free actor died of a cocaine overdose.

Guess that beats falling off the cliff, eh Mr. Cruise?