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Any day now, Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be celebrating a major milestone in the life of their first child, 11-month-old son, Camden.

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"Two days ago, he did his first little shuffle, but holding onto something," revealed Vanessa in an interview with Wonderwall. "He hasn't walked yet. I'm excited to see (him walk) because I just want to see a little mini-Nick standing there. I mean, I already dress him like my husband, so I can't wait to see him walking and looking like my husband."

Fashion isn't the only similarity between the two that is currently on Vanessa's mind, as Camden and Nick both have birthdays in the last half of 2013; Camden celebrates his first birthday on Sept. 12 and Nick turns 40 on Nov. 9. (Coincidentally, Vanessa, 32, also has a Nov. 9 birthday).

"I've devoted the last month to their birthdays because I'm going to start work on 'Dads' on Aug. 14, and I want to devote time to do my craft and to the show," said the host/actress who has a starring role on the highly-anticipated FOX sitcom. "So for the last month I've been on my phone and (sending) emails for both Camden's birthday and Nick's birthday, and I joked to my friend that I just hope that I don't send Maker's Mark to Camden's birthday and send streamers to Nick's birthday because at this stage things are crossing over."

There's already been a lot of crossover in Nick's schedule, and Vanessa admits that her husband's busy career means that he's looking forward to a new decade.

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"He has kicked 30 in the butt. … He has a national arena tour, two albums -- one with his group and a lullaby album that is doing extremely well -- two NBC television shows, 'The Winner Is' and 'The Sing Off,' and he became a daddy. So I think if there's any way to turn 40, he's doing it right."

But no matter how busy they both get, expect the couple to carve out as much time as it takes to expand their family.

"(Nick) is actually like, if we have a girl next, two or three (children) may be good, but we both talked about (having) three," said Vanessa. "If I have a girl next, I'd love to just try for a third, if I have a boy next, I would for sure want to try for a third. It isn't so much about boy/girl as it is that I've always loved having a big family."

And the bigger the family, the better the odds that one of the children will stick around and be a caretaker, admits Vanessa. "Truth be told, at the end of the day, when I'm old and gray, I need a couple of them to take care of me. And you never know which one that's going to be, right? So let's just say you have three, and if two of them kind of do their own thing, there's always that one that's maybe mama's boy. He'll be devoted to me. Maybe it's Camden."

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Only time will tell on that, but currently Vanessa is very devoted to what is number one on her priorities list. "First and foremost, it's my family. Before, I'm not going to lie, it was always work because work equals money and money makes the world go around," said Vanessa. "And now more than anything, my family is number one. Honestly, I would be happy having the show or not having the show because I have my family. … I love my family. I love my priorities, and I love my job. … I'm very proud of who I am now."