Entertainment Tonight.

Last week ET confirmed she auditioned for the role of Heidi in 'New Moon.' Now, "90210" star AnnaLynne McCord reveals just how close she is to joining the 'Twilight' sequel.

McCord, who plays Naomi Clark on "90210," tells MTV she's in negotiations with 'New Moon' director Chris Weitz and his team. "It's definitely something I would love to do; as most people know, I am obsessed with vampires. I'm a true-blood 'Twilight' fan all the way."

McCord says her busy slate of "90210" shoots presents "some scheduling conflicts, and we're trying to work that out now."

The actress says that if she does join 'New Moon,' she would play Heidi, who in Stephenie Meyers' books is a siren of sorts, who uses her beauty to lure unwitting humans into the clutches of the wicked -- and hungry -- Volturi.

"I love Heidi. She's obviously very sexy. She's the fisherman; she's the bait," McCord says. "It's a fun character to play. But she's also a thousand-year-old vampire, so that's kind of badass."